Introducing the new, revolutionary ProBooth Lite interpretation booth

Introducing the new, revolutionary ProBooth Lite interpretation booth. Unlike existing booths, the ProBooth Lite is made up of 3.25’ X 3.25’ interchangeable panels held together by a system of very powerful permanent magnets rather than by screws or Velcro. Once assembled, the structure is sturdier and safer than other booths now being used.

The ProBooth Lite can be assembled by one person in a matter of minutes.

The entire three-interpreter booth fits into a 3.5’ X 4’ X 4’ carrying case that can be wheeled into the smallest of elevators by a single person.

• Fast and easy installation: solid and safe;
• Smallest carrying case for a three-interpreter booth: only 3.4’ X 4’ X 4;
• Multi-functional concept: can be set up as full-size three-interpreter booth, as half-size one-interpreter booth or as two table-top booths with 2 windows each;
• Interchangeable panels: no numbering system to follow;
• Larger windows (tinted windows available);
• Improved quiet and efficient ventilation system;
• Improved soundproofing.