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A new first in the history of simultaneous interpretation in Canada.

We were hired on December 15th, 16th 2016 to supply remote Simultaneous Translation in realtime taking place in 4 different courts across this vast country (Toronto, Vancouver Edmonton and Montreal). Proceedings needed to be seen, heard, in both official languages through two-way interpretation . &l

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Introducing the new, revolutionary ProBooth Lite interpretation booth

Introducing the new, revolutionary ProBooth Lite interpretation booth. Unlike existing booths, the ProBooth Lite is made up of 3.25’ X 3.25’ interchangeable panels held together by a system of very powerful permanent magnets rather than by screws or Velcro. Once assembled, the structure

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Unlike the other interpretation booths that are currently available on the market, ProBooth Lite is assembled using magnetic force, with no need for screws or Velcro. Magnets are used as the mechanical means for holding the components in place safely and securely. This is the innovative and revoluti

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