Over 20 years at your service!

Global Audiovisual with alomost 20 years of experience is a nationwide sales, installations and rental company specialized in interpretation and conferencing systems. Our company was founded in March 1998 with its principal establishment in Montréal, Québec. Its reputation has grown steadily over the years throughout a wide base of clients from the governmental and the private sector. In 2010, Global Audiovisual won the contract to provide Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment and Services for the Senate Committee meetings.

Global Audiovisual is standing out as a key player and strong technical experts in the field of conferencing and interpretation by always proposing equipment meeting the highest standards with qualified technical engineers, and projects that are on time every time.

Global Audiovisual recognizes that the need for an accommodation may arise during any event. Therefore, we have established effective mechanisms for responding in a timely to requests for any changes or addition that may occur. Furthermore, we would do all modifications in order to meet work needs.

By being completely focused on the conference and simultaneous interpretation market, we are able to research then purchase the best and latest equipment on the market. All the equipment we use is guaranteed to be the best equipment with the freshest technology which makes the conference proceeding more efficient and allows an overall better experience.

Global Audiovisual has experienced many years working with interpreters around the world. We have taken into consideration the needs of the interpreters and the needs of multilingual conference and developed a solution which provides excellent equipment and services. Years of experience in the market provide us with a great advantage over competition who may have limited knowledge and experience in simultaneous interpretation. We know by having our great expertise in tandem with the best equipment the events will be extraordinarily successful for all the participants.